Six ways to optimize the management of your community swimming pool SUSTAINABLY!

Find concrete solutions to reduce your operating costs, work towards the ecological transition, solve recruitment problems and anticipate your customers' future needs.

Piscine Global, the benchmark swimming pool and spa exhibition, draws on its 360° view of the sector's trends and innovations. In this ebook, community swimming pool designers and operators will find suggestions for ways to overcome their key challenges:

How to reduce energy consumption?

How to optimize water consumption?

How to design a community swimming pool that meets today's needs?

How to improve the accessibility of an aquatic center?

How to reinvent our business model?

How to overcome recruitment problems?

Other aquatic centers have faced the same problems as you. Find out how they adapted!

Gain inspiration from concrete examples

Anticipate tomorrow's trends

Benefit from a global view of the social and environmental trends that will impact your aquatic activity.

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Take advantage of a range of tailored solutions to help your community swimming pool negotiate the ecological transition successfully.

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